Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hello Again!

So. It's been a while. Like almost a year, but I'm back! And.... I read a book! It's another fairy tale sort of book, which is really odd, because I don't like fantasy books all that much. The name is Kill Me Softly, written by Sarah Cross. This books centers around Mira, an orphan living with her two godmothers. She is about to turn 16, when she runs away to the one place she had been forbidden to go: her birth-town. When she arrives, she meets a strange assortment of characters who all vaguely resemble fairy tale characters, in both mannerism and looks. Of course there is one character in particular, a boy character, who she cannot stay away from, even though she is told repeatedly that "He-is-so-very-dangerous-and-will-hurt-you-very-badly-and-don't-you-dare-fall-in-love-with-him-and-you-better-stop-while-you're-still-safe, although no one will tell her why. As she continues to stay in the town, the plot thickens, curses rise to the surface, and it all wraps up nicely in the end. (Sorry, I really don't want to give anything away!) Now, a few things about the actual writing of the book: The author isn't really the best at exposition. When Mira first discovers the fairy tale-ness of the town, nothing makes sense. It isn't very clear who is speaking, or who is who, and it gets a bit frustrating. However, I think of it as a challenge, to get through the rough parts to the good plot line. Another thing: This author is very realistic with her portrayal of teenagers. The characters cuss, drink, and fool around. It's nothing too bad, nothing you don't hear about at school, but certainly enough to warrant this book as PG-13. Personally, I like this realism in the middle of a fairy tale book, it's refreshing to me.
Hope that was enough info to get you hooked, because it's a great summer read!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Long Long Sleep

So I've recently read this lovely book: A Long Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan. It is phenomenal! Sort of a rewritten slightly feminist Sleeping Beauty, set in the future and filled with awkward love- fails, evil corporations, and heartbreak, this book brought me to tears of both joy and laughter. It all begins when sixteen year old Rosalinda Samantha Fitzroy is woken from a 68 year long medically induced sleep by, yes, a kiss, from a handsome boy named Bren. She is shocked to find out that everyone has forgotten about her since her placement in an out-of-the-way subbasement. Rose then discovers that she has slept through the Dark Times that killed millions of the Earth's population, including everyone she knew. Desperate to adjust to this new world, and to put the past behind her, Rose slowly finds herself drawn to Bren, but that is soon forgotten when a grave new danger arises. As she fights to survive the new threat to her existence, Rose faces the evils of her past, and comes to realize she can fight her own battles. she is not the Sleeping Beauty, locked away from all danger, but the thorny rose hedge, ready to fight and protect all who she loves.
It was amazing and refreshing to hear a story that didn't focus on  love and dating. I had been getting sick of all the love triangles *cough cough Hunger Games, Delirium, Even Harry Potter (a little), and of course, Twilight Cough cough* Overall I give this book a 10!

The first post EVER in the history of (my) world!

Hello, All Zero people reading this! It is July the fourth, or as the more rednecky parts of the U.S. like to call it: National Fireworks and Beer day. These two things can be a deadly combination, and no doubt I'll see a few firetrucks tonight. I personally hate fireworks because they terrify the family dog and she will not shut up or calm down! Yet but another reason why cats will always win. So, tonight, in honor of America, the country where I was born, the country that will not be taxed without representation, home of many great leaders and authors,  I ate some blueberries. Who knows, the night is still young, I could even be moved to light a candle :)